sudhir acharya night

The People Behind The Music: Sudhir Acharya, Night

November 25, 2014

You may think Sudhir Acharya is like just every other teenager but did you know that he is also a member of Night? The youngest member of the band, the carefree and fun-loving percussionist is only 17 years old. When asked about his preference in music, Sudhir says with a wide grin, “I listen to […]

bhote chaur tea garden

Visiting The Bhote Chaur Tea Garden

November 20, 2014

Bhote Chaur Tea Garden also known as Everest Tea Garden is a large tea garden encased between a few hills. Just a 2 hour drive from Kathmandu upwards from Gokarna and past Lapisfedi, the area has become a popular location for bored Kathmanduites and you can expect a large number of people every time. The […]

Birat Basnet, Night

The People Behind The Music: Birat Basnet, Night

October 8, 2014

The younger brother of a former band member, Birat Basnet has been playing music for over 10 years. This talented musician who also prefers home-cooked meals over outside food switches from punk to folk every time he steps up to a Night performance.

metal gear solid snake godavari botanical garden

A (Solid) Snake In Godavari

October 6, 2014

Solid Snake is the protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid video game series. Part ninja, all soldier, this guy is a badass all around. I was lucky enough to borrow a small figure from a friend and took him to my favorite “wilderness”, the Godavari Botanical Garden.