Paras Mani Subedi, Night

Behind The Music: Paras Mani Subedi, Night

October 1, 2014

Originally from Tanahun, Paras Mani Subedi has already accomplished much. Already nicknamed madaleat an early age for his skills at playing the madal back in his village, he soon came to Kathmandu and now holds a graduate degree in Music, a Masters in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Music all while juggling […]

Behind The Music: Niraj Shakya, Night

September 16, 2014

More prominently known as the keyboardist of the black metal band Antim Grahan, Niraj Shakya is also a core member and co-founder of the new age folk music band, Night. When he isn’t watching the Lord Of The Rings movies in his free time the 30 year old balances his music with his day job […]

Behind The Music: Sumnima Singh, Night

September 10, 2014

Sumnima “Mina” Singh is the 23 year old female vocalist behind the band Night. Originally from Beni Bazaar, she now lives in Maitidevi with her younger brother. The soft-spoken and gentle singer has an extensive background in singing and recently sang for movies such as Jhola and Chadke.

no words required

April 16, 2013

ever brighter even closer the stars seem i can almost touch them with one hand i hold your hand in the other holding tighter slightly gentler our fingers entwine we almost seem to be flying the twinkling sky beckons beating harder pulsing faster our hearts throb you smile at me with knowing eyes i lean […]