danbo goes to boudhha

Danbo Goes To Boudhha

February 2, 2014

So I recently ordered a Danboard toy (Revoltech Danboard Mini) from Amazon which was delivered through Harilo (a local shipping company that handles orders from the US). Danboard or Danbo is sort of a

Unpacking my iphone

Unpacking My iPhone

December 28, 2013

So I recently bought an iPhone 5S recently and I love the design and the packaging. I decided to practice some product photography and set up my lamps and all but I got kinda bored? Sooo I decided to try something else 😀 FYI the toy used is a character called Madman and this toy […]


Thor, The God Of Thunder

November 22, 2013

I will be going to watch Thor: The Dark World tomorrow so I wanted to do a quick photo shoot of my Marvel Select’s (AKA Diamond Select) Heroic Age Thor 🙂 If you don’t read the comics you may be wondering why this Thor looks so different – well it’s because this was his appearance […]

Hulk takes a break poster

Hulk takes a break

June 16, 2013

Hulk takes a break from smashing and Avenger’ing by walking around Godavari Botanical Park, Nepal. This was a fun photoshoot, and Hulk was really great and let me take my time with the different poses. FYI for all you non-comic book readers, when the Hulk was first created he was grey, not green. Check out this Youtube review of […]