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I’ve gone to pay my house taxes twice now but both times it was confusing and was not the best experience. To make it easier and not waste time in the future I’ve written down the steps to pay your house taxes. Hopefully this will also help anyone else who is new to this.


This is only if you live in the Lalitpur district. If you live anywhere else then this guide may not be relevant. Our government offices also seem to do do their own thing so the process may not be the same as well.

This post is also written based on my experiences and the actual process may change without me knowing.


Paying your house taxes in 8 steps

Step 1
Go to the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City Office.

Step 2
Go to the malpot office. It’s a window on the first floor just in front of the stairs. You need to bring your old malpot for this.

A “malpot” is a record of your tax payment. It’s also the office where you pay your taxes.

Step 3
Go to the room in the corridor ahead. Go to the #6 window/counter, give your malpot paper and they will give you a form.

Step 4
Fill up the form. You can do this if you know how to OR you can try to get the officer behind the window to fill it up for you – just ask nicely.

Step 4
Wait for your name to be called. They will give your old records.

Step 5
Take your old records to window # 3 where they will print out a bill for you.

Step 6
Go to room # 216 (same floor, in the corner) pay the money and take the receipt.

Step 7
Go to room #214 (the room with desk) and the officer at the desk will sign it.

Step 8
Go to window #6 give the records and print outs (keep the receipt) and you’re done!


Please let me know below if I’ve made any mistakes or if this needs to be updated 🙂

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