Otaku Next ComCosCon July 2016

By Tenzing Samdup, September 22, 2016

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Otaku Next ComCosCon (Comic Cosplay Convention) was the fourth event organized by Otaku Next and the fifth such event cosplay event (first one was organized by Otaku Club Nepal). It was held on 30 July at Alliance Française.

If you’re curious about the previous events please check out my photos from the Otaku Next’s second cosplay event and Otaku Club Nepal’s first event which was also the first event of its kind in Nepal.

Thoughts about the event

One of the best things about this time’s event was that it was held in a big open space (albeit under a large open tent). Compared to the tiny and cramped location of the previous tents it was a big upgrade. My experience for this event was also different because I decided to cosplay as well (until now I was just taking photos). I was also helping out my friend who sells Gundams.

Overall it was a fun event with more stalls and more space and more visitors. A lot more people came in costume this time and there were some very good cosplayers.

Thank you Otaku Next for the event, and looking forward to next time.

How I made my Jason “costume”

My “costume” was pretty simple: just had a mask and a machete.

I got the Jason Voorhees mask from Bhatbhateni. First sanded with 400 grit to remove the shine then with 100 to get scratches (also scratched it with a key). I also cut some parts off with a scissor. For the color I tried staining it with coffee then with tea grounds but that didn’t work. Then just one day before the event I found this great YouTube tutorial. Although it was quite late I decided to redo the mask all over.

I first tried mixing yellow and painted the mask. I then did some dry brushing with black on the edges and holes. But since I was working under a yellow light I only realized the mask came out more reddish the next day only. It still looked okay though so I coated it with a matte top coat.

As for the machete it was made with 2 pieces of cardboard. I put an old 12″ ruler in between the bottom piece and the top to make it less wobbley. That didn’t work so well so I also put a piece of wood which was the length of the blade section.

I then went over it with masking tape, did some more masking to make the edges smoother and finally spray painted with silver (blade) and black (handle). Also did some dry brushing with black on the blade one night before and coated with a glossy top coat on the morning of the event.

What I would have done if I had more time?

Probably wear a ragged tshirt, jacket, and gloves. I would also have loved to make a “dismembered” head too out of some mannequin maybe.

Having said that, looking at the photos of the event I couldn’t help feeling that I missed out on photographing this event. Most likely I will just be photographing people next time unless someone can give me an idea of how to incorporate a camera into a costume.

Photos not enough? Here’s a short video of the event 😀

Featured image courtesy of Saroj Shahi.
Gallery photos courtesy of Chand S. Söderberg (who used my camera!).

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