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A few weeks back I was able to visit Otaku Next’s latest convention, Otaku Next Comic & Cosplay Nepal 2017, held at Heritage Garden. As usual this time there was a cosplay competition and multiple music performances including Nattu Shah.

I was planning to do a zombie thing this time but things didn’t go according to plan and my wife and I ended up fixing up my old Danbo head and off I went. As before it was again very hot and the hall didn’t have air conditioning, only 2-3 big fans at the corners and the Danbo head didn’t help either.

I think the event could have been planned much better but there were a lot of different cosplays this time and everyone (including me) did have fun which is the most important part of any event. Kudos to the organizers, but hopefully next time I wont be boiling in my Danbo head :p

There’s a huge gallery this time so please be patient while it loads. This time’s gallery also includes photos of people who took a photo with me :p

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This is just the first gallery – please click here for part 2.