Potterheads Nepal

By Tenzing Samdup, July 21, 2016

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Potterheads Nepal is a community of Harry Potter fans living in Nepal and abroad.

Come join our Potterheads Nepal Facebook group and Potterheads Nepal Facebook page to keep updated with the latest events. You can also follow us on Twitter.

I’ve made some wallpapers you can use for your computers or your mobile phones. One has a larger logo, one has a smaller logo.

Wallpaper not fitting your phone? Leave a comment below with your exact phone model and I’ll resize the wallpaper 😀

For computers (1920×1080)
potterheads-nepal-1920-1 potterheads-nepal-1920-2

potterheads-nepal-1366-1 potterheads-nepal-1366-2

potterheads-nepal-1080-android-1 potterheads-nepal-1080-android-2

potterheads-nepal-1080-iphone-1 potterheads-nepal-1080-iphone-2

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