tenzingsamdup.com Is Live!!

By Tenzing Samdup, November 7, 2013

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After months of time wasting and wondering and pondering and a few weeks of dilly-dallying and finally a week of reviewing the best hosting services, I finally upgraded to a self-hosted site!!

What does that mean?

  • No more ads!! (yay!!)
  • I have to pay for hosting!! (aww!!)
  • I can put whatever plugins I want and make it easier to browse my photos!! (yay!!)
  • I have to maintain the site myself!! (awww!!)
  • I can finally use my domain name and a shorter URL!! (yay!!)
  • I have to pay to redirect all my existing blog posts from my wordpress blog (awwwwwww!!)

Posts coming soon!

  • How and why I picked my (current) hosting provider
  • How to sit on a motorbike (with illustrations!!)
  • Hike to Hattiban and Champadevi
  • Some other stuff which I had planned out but not written
  • And more photos!! 😀
Thanks for sharing!
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