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Just as I ended 2013 with a visit to Swoyambhu I began the year with a trip to Kirtipur, another iconic location in Nepal. This time I was with the usual photowalk group so you’ll see a bunch of my friends in the shots below.

I honestly wasn’t feeling 100% on this trip and some of the photos may seem a bit boring. I did get a few photos that I really liked and that made it worth the trip.

This also was a photography + food trip since we ended up having lunch at Newa Lahana which is one of the best restaurants in Kirtipur. Interestingly they’ve turned into a museum of sorts as well with ladies in traditional Newari clothing serving you. They’ve also set up a bunch of traditional equipment like looms and pots and pans for interested tourists.

Anyway we ended up eating a LOOOOOT, with the ladies serving us things which we didn’t even order (??). Since there were so many of us it got confusing keeping track of who ordered what and who had to pay how much, etc. Unfortunately I was busy eating and didn’t have time to click all of the food so you’ll just have to take a trip yourself to experience it 🙂

I’m also going to be including animated GIF’s from on – the first one’s at the bottom 😀

GIF time!!

cutting meat

For more information about Kirtpur, check out this Wikipedia article.