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Bhote Chaur Tea Garden also known as Everest Tea Garden is a large tea garden encased between a few hills. Just a 2 hour drive from Kathmandu upwards from Gokarna and past Lapisfedi, the area has become a popular location for bored Kathmanduites and you can expect a large number of people every time.

The tea garden itself isn’t very impressive but it is a very unique environment, especially if you have never been to a tea garden before. There will be a lot of people though so don’t think of it as a peaceful paradise!

I also recommended that you take a motorcycle since the roads nearest to the tea garden are very bad, narrow and not suitable for cars OR you can drive up to Lapsifedi and walk about 30 mins to 1 hour from there.

FYI I am horrible at landscape photography, i.e. they turn out very boring, so there’s only one (boring) photo of the tea garden itself.

Btw I’ve also been thinking of creating a page for wallpapers (for both phones and computers). Leave a comment below if you think this is a good idea 🙂

Click here for photos of Lapisfedi from when I visited in December 2013.