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Juju dhau which means “king curd” or the king of curds in the Newari dialect is probably one of the tastiest forms of youghurt found in the world. Juju dhau itself is unique to the city of Bhaktapur where many locals produce the titular curd in their homes. The unique creamy and mildly sweet juju dhau has even been pirated in the local market with sellers trying to cash in on its popularity.

Juju dhau is made from a mixture of buffalo milk and cow milk which is boiled to high temperatures and stirred vigorously before poured into clay pots. The clay pots also helps in absorbing excess moisture. One of the unique characteristics of juju dhau other than its taste is that if you hold the clay pot upside down the curd will NOT fall out!

How popular is this particular type of curd? In my local department store they usually receive a shipment of fresh juju dhau in the morning which is out of stock in a few hours!

I was lucky enough to tag along with WAVE who were doing a story on juju dhau. This gallery showcases Radheshyam Karmacharya who has been in the business since he was a child.

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