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Today was Let’s Cosplay, the first ever public gathering of ani-maniacs and manga-holics as well as the first cosplay event in Nepal. The event was organised by Otaku Club Nepal and was held at Irish Pub, Lazimpat on 30 August, 2014.

I rushed there after Basantapur and was able to catch a lot of kids cosplaying as their favourite characters. The majority were dressed up as Naruto characters but there were a few surprises (Link!).

The costumes and props were pretty decent especially the swords. Zorro brought an actual replica sword while others had made them out of wood. Nonetheless the novice cosplayers weren’t the best at posing and I literally had to pose people around to take photos which wasn’t the best solution (guys I hope you’re listening: Google your characters and/or other cosplayers and practce your moves next time 🙂).

Since they were so many photos I will be uploading two albums for this event. The second page should up in a few days. I will also be uploading the photos to my Facebook page as well – please feel free to tag yourselves there.