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The last day of November saw us heading up to Lapsifedi (also known as Lapsiphedi, Lapsiferi and even Lapsefedi) for our office retreat (and yes, I’ve been really lazy about updating).

Lapsifedi is one of those tiny villages up in the hills around Kathmandu, just about an hour’s drive from the city and is very similar to Nagarkot, albeit much smaller.

Photography-wise I was not in luck since we arrived too late to see the sunset and the next morning the hills were covered in a thick fog so I missed the sunrise as well 🙁
We walked around in the morning while the fog was still high up but visibility was really poor. After a light breakfast the sky had cleared up and the sun was out, the mountains were looking beautiful – it was the perfect time for a hike! There were quite a few farms around and we visited a few all the while as a beautiful background of hills or mountains surrounded us.

All in all, it was a pleasant trip although I don’t think that I will be returning any time soon.