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The third Nepalese cosplay event was held on 9 September. Organized by Otaku Next it was part cosplay competition, part magazine release (they print a manga magazine).

This was my second time attending a local cosplay event (there have been 3 so far). Unfortunately I didn’t have a great time since the venue was very small and there were too many people. It was also very hot and I was sweating profusely.

The event had some cosplayers strutting their stuff, a stall selling posters and postcards and Otaku Next’s own “manga-zines”. I really didn’t have the best time and left after 30 mins or so. Having said that, everyone else seemed to be having fun despite the heat and there were positive comments on Facebook, so maybe I’m just getting old. I was also told by one of the organizers that they did not expect such a large turnout in the first place. Fortunately Otaku Next has decided to organize yet another event.

Photography-wise, I had taken my 50 mm to the event which made it difficult to take photos due to the crowd and my lens even fogged up at times. I actually intended to get a 35 mm just before but the value of the dollar had gone up, so much so that the lens is about Rs. 5000 more now. I wasnt too happy with the photos in the beginning which is why I’ve delayed this post for so long.

What about future events?

Otaku Next have since decided to hold another event in December. They’ve announced it early so that cosplayers can spend more time readying for the event. Other than cosplay, this event will also probably have a live band performance.

They’re also asking for suggestions and inviting people to set up stalls of their own. Click here for the Facebook page for the event or to give your suggestions.

Cosplay in Nepal

The first ever Nepalese cosplay event was held in August 2014. It was organized by Otaku Club Nepal at Irish Pub, Lazimpat. After hearing about it on Facebook I went there and had a great time interacting with various cosplayers – check out these posts to read about my experience and see the photos – Let’s Cosplay – Part 1 and Let’s Cosplay – Part 2.

There was also a second event during Christmas 2014 (the first one organized by Otaku Next) but I didn’t attend it since it was on a weekday.

Photos of Otaku Next Cosplay 2015