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This is from a photowalk from back in mid-November which I had edited but neglected to upload (lazy lazy lazy).

So basically we set out one early Saturday morning to visit the Kalimati Market for wide-angle practice. So yeah, although the post title is “The colours of Kalimati” it’s actually from the market.

Here you can find fresh vegetables and meat on sale along with other things. I had also attended a presentation by the super-famous Steve McCurry’s (he clicked Afghan girl photo) where, among other things, he had a series of people reading.. which kinda inspired me to click some people who were reading newspapers (haha).

It was quite dark though and I wanted to take some close-ups of the veggies so I switched to my 50 mm for most of the photowalk.

I’ve also implemented the Jetpack Photon + Tiled gallery plugins so my posts look more pretty, more importantly I can post faster!! 😀