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You may think Sudhir Acharya is like just every other teenager but did you know that he is also a member of Night? The youngest member of the band, the carefree and fun-loving percussionist is only 17 years old. When asked about his preference in music, Sudhir says with a wide grin, “I listen to all kinds of music, no discrimination.”

Now that is the making of a true musician!

sudhir acharya night

When and why did you start playing music?
My father used to work at Music Nepal and wanted me to be involved in music too. He signed me up for music classes at the Nepal Music Centre (NMC) when I was only 8. I took the classes and it gradually began getting more and more interesting for me and I decided to become a musician.

What instruments do you play?
I play mostly percussion instruments. I play the Dhime, Madal, Nagada, Murchunga, Tabla, Drums and the Djembe . I am also responsible for the little effects you hear in our songs.

Who is your favourite inspiration?
My teachers Jivan Rai, Nhuchchhe Bahadur Dangol, Nikhil Tuladhar Sir and Riju Tuladhar have always been my inspiration. My favourite musicians are Trilok Gurtu and Zakir Hussain. I also religiously listen to Dream Theater, Karnivool and Meshuggah. And of course, Night definitely is one of my favourite music-makers.

When did you start playing with Night?
I first heard Night play in 2007 at NMC itself. I was supposed to be the opening act. I met with the band members then and used to talk to Jason dai, who was the event manager then. I started practicing and doing gigs with the band in 2008/09.

I took a break from the band in 2013 because I had to sit for my SLC exams. I rejoined in 2013 and have been playing consistently ever since.

sudhir acharya night

Did you always want to be a musician?
As long as I remember, I didn’t always have a plan. Even as a kid, I didn’t think much about what I wanted to do when I grow up. I did like playing music though so I just went along with the flow and became a musician.

What was your first concert like? Were you nervous?
Not really since I was used to performing as a kid. My first gig with Night was at the Attic Bar around 2008/09. That was a very fun experience but I did get very nervous while performing at the Theatre Village after my return to the band.

sudhir acharya night

What is the best part about being a part of Night?
The best part about being a part of Night is that I am loved by everyone on the team. After all, I am the youngest! *laughs* On a more serious note, the team is very cooperative. For instance, I might have something I want to say but I have difficulties expressing my ideas.

With Night, it’s very easy to express myself.

Have you had any funny encounters with fans?
There was this one time where I had met a dai briefly after a show. The next day on my way to school I saw the same dai. He kept staring at me (I think he was not sure if I was the same person he had met the other night). He kept looking back at me even after he had walked away. I knew it was him the whole time, but I never told him.

The funny part was that he saw me every day, at the same time and had the same reaction every single day.

sudhir acharya night

What kind of challenges have you faced so far?
There haven’t been many challenges, per se. I have school on weekdays, so the only issue that comes up from time to time is that I can’t commit all my time to music and the band.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
I would definitely be furthering my music career. There are just so many bajas that are on the verge of extinction – I want to explore the undiscovered world of Nepalese traditional instruments.

I would also like to learn some photography and videography. Who knows that will happen in the next five years. (smiles)

Text by Aayesha Rai Gurung

sudhir acharya night

Interviews with other people who have worked with Night such as Shashank Shrestha will be up next week. The interview with the last band member (and band co-founder) Jason Kunwar will be up after these. Follow me on Facebook for the latest updates.

About Night

Night is a new-school folk band that focuses on using traditional Nepali instruments and creating new sounds for a new audience.

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