Otaku Next ComCosCon July 2016

September 22, 2016

Otaku Next ComCosCon (Comic Cosplay Convention) was the fourth event organized by Otaku Next and the fifth such event cosplay event (first one was organized by Otaku Club Nepal). It was held on 30 July at Alliance Française. If you’re curious about the previous events please check out my photos from the Otaku Next’s second […]

The Flowers of Dhulikhel Mountain Resort

April 2, 2015

During November last year I was lucky enough to get a room at the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort. Rated the number 2 hotel in Dhulikhel by Tripadvisor, this beautiful resort is situated on one of Dhulikhel’s many hills.

World Animal Day 2013

October 5, 2013

Was supposed to go hiking again to Champadevi but it was raining (in fact, it rained the whole morning) so I met up with a vegan/animal activist friend who had told me about this rally for World Animal Day 2013.

Lost My iPhone

September 20, 2013

Lost my iPhone yesterday… just upgraded to iOs 7 in the morning and was planning on writing a blogpost about it. Sadded.. 🙁