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When I first thought of moving from WordPress to a self-hosted site the first problem was finding a suitable web host. I had already registered by domain a long time ago and was using that for my WordPress blog but WP doesn’t allow you to use customise your blog. With so many amazing plug-ins available it seems crazy to have to stick to their rules and not do your own thing.

Anyway after a few days of research I found that ASmallOrange was the hosting site for me. Note that I looked up hosting sites on Google, so this means that I chose A Small Orange out of all the hosting companies in the entire world! After even more days of considering the costs I decided to take the plunge and here we are!

Since my site went up a few friends have asked me where and how to register and host their website and I told them to try A Small Orange for the simplest reason: I use them too!!

Why I think A Small Orange is super awesome

  • It’s affordable
  • They have great customer service
  • No downtime (till now)
  • I like oranges (haha)

With this I am happy enough to refer to them other customers. If you would like to get a kickass web host then just click on the image below and get started on your new website!

Please note that I am a registered affiliate and any purchases you make will make me happy 😀

EDIT: ASmallOrange has closed their affiliate service and has requested all users to use Hostgator’s instead.

Thanks for sharing!
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