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Hi, my name Tenzing Samdup, a Tibetan guy living in Kathmandu, Nepal (as of 2014).

I currently work as a Content Writer / Creative Designer for an Australian Mortgage Broking firm. I also work as the copy editor at WAVE, a local English magazine for youth.

As you may have noticed photography is one of my hobbies, a second one being collecting action figures. I’m also a big geek and I love all things Batman (the photo on the right is me holding a Batman award given to me by classmates at my MBA graduation ceremony 😀 ).

This blog / site is a place for me to share my photos, writing, etc. – if you have any comments or feedback please let me know.

Unless mentioned otherwise all the content here (text, photos, pics, etc.) belong to me and only me.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, 500px or LinkedIn

I still have a DeviantArt and Flickr account but I am not active on those sites any more.

Among other people I’d really like to thank my friends Prajwol and Niyukta for helping me with the coding/HTML and for helping me with my photography respectively 😀

Thanks for sharing!
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